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      Located in Downtown Denver CO, Hand Engraving and Jewelry was established in 1996. Oleg Mozz is a master hand engraver and jewelry designer. While working with local jewelers, Oleg developed a unique personal style.  Using traditional engravers and hand tools, Oleg crafts complex monograms, family crests, personal inscriptions, and patterns on jewelry, watches, trophies, glass, heirloom items, and more. Hard metals like tungsten and stainless steel are also within his range of engraving.  Around 1999 Oleg started adopting new technologies introduced to the jewelry world. With 3-D modeling software and modern high-tech equipment, combined with his years of traditional jewelers' experience, Oleg can create the perfect jewelry even for the most detailed customers. Whether you're looking for traditional silver, gold, and platinum jewelry with precious stones, a custom piece of jewelry to commemorate a significant event or person, or a piece to fit your personal style, please contact us and see how we can turn your jewelry desires into reality.  Send us your idea, sketch, or photo of a desired piece of jewelry, and we will make a 3-D model for you, FREE of charge.

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Oleg Mozz
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Oleg Mozz  910 16th Street  # 314   Denver CO 80202
by appointment  720 - 838 - 7133

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