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Hand-engraved text is $ 5 - 8  per character. Prices depend on size, complicity and style.  $140  minimum

Hand engInside ring engraving. $4 per characterraving baby cup. $4 per character
Hand engraving baby cup. $5 per character
Hand engraved silver parfume bottle. $4 per  character
Hand engraved bangle bracelet. $5 per character
Brass compass hand engraving. The total $250
Hand engraved Patek Philippe watch. The total $450
Locked hand engraving
Hand engraved plate
Hand engraving gold charm. $4 per character, $80 minimum charge.
Hand engraving watch back

Inside ring engraving is $4 per character, $80 minimum.

Inside ring engraving
Inside ring engraving
Hand engraving text inside ring
Inside gold ring and engraving
Hand engraving inside gold bracelet
Hand engraving text inside ring
Inside of the ring hand engraving

Hand - engraved monograms $100 - 300, initials on object consider a monogram

Hand engraving gold plate. $ 350
Hand engraving money clip. $120
Silver box hand engraved monogram. Total is $350
Old english monogram hand engraving signet ring. $200
Signet ring hand engravig. Total is $120
Tiffany name tag hand engraving monogram. The total is $300
Hand engraving silver bowl
Gold locket hand engraving. Total $300
Hand engraving monogram silver. $ 250
Hand engraving signet ring monogram. $200

Hand engraved a Family Crest $300 - 500

Family crest Coat of Arm handengraving signet ring. Total is $350
Family crest hand engraving gold signet ring. Total is $500
Signet ring hand engraving family crest. Total is $350
Signet ring hand engraving. Total is $400
Signet ring family crest hand engraving. Total $250
Coat of arm hand engreving gold disc. Total $600
Hand engraving swan crest
Hand engraved white gold ring. The total is $450
family crest hand engraving signet ring. Total is $500

Silverware hand engraving $ 40 each

Hand engraving silver forks
Hand engraving silverware
Hand engraved silveware

Fast engraving. I can engrave by the rotary tool, while you wait for $40 total

rotary tool engraving
Rotary too engraving
Rotary tool engraving $40
Rotary tool engraving
Rotary tool engraving
Rotary tool engraving

Oleg Mozz  910 16th Street  # 314   Denver CO 80202
by appointment  720 - 838 - 7133

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