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“Peapod” box rose gold with green enamel

CAD model jewelry box
18K jewelry box green enamel
Gold jewelry green enamel
Gold jewelry box open green enamel

Custom-made a 14K rose gold jewelry box with green enamel. It was an order from a gentleman from Boston. Tooks about two months to complete it.

CAD model bracelet

Silver and gold custom bracelets

Custom made silver bracelet
Custom made silver bracelet
Gold bracelet diamonds

Custom-made sterling silver and gold bracelets in baroque style with diamonds.

White gold "waves" bands

Cad models wedding bands
White gold wedding bands

Custom-made a white gold the "waves" wedding bands.

Platinum and diamonds ring

CAD model diamond band
Platinum diamond ring

Big platinum band with diamonds.  In braids style.

“Rocky Mountains” engagement ring. White gold and diamond

CAD model engagement ring
CAD model engagement ring
White gold engagement diamond ring
White gold engagement diamond ring
CAD model ring gems
Gems white gold ring

The customer brought this idea to me to make a 3D “Red Rocks” mountain engagement ring for his fiance. We discussed it for a while and I made the first 3d model for him.
He was happy right away, but a day after he called me and asked to add some evergreen trees up there and I did. When the CAD model was done I sent it to a metal printing company for production. A couple of weeks later the ring was done in 14K white gold.
You can see the fully finished gold ring with a diamond.
Custom-made in the USA

Black and Blue enamel ring

Casting gold ring
CAD rendering
18K wedding band
18K wedding band blue enamel

Custom-made 18K yellow gold with black and blue enamels.

Family Crest gold signet ring

Sketch for ring Family Crest
CAD model for ring Family Crest
Gold signet ring Family Crest

Snakes ring with the cameo

CAD moder snake ring
CAD rendering snake ring
14K gold snake ring

Sketch from my customer, 3D model rendering, and a 14K gold ring.

Custom-made gold ring with four snakes and the cameo.
CAD model and the 14K gold.

” Marine Corps ” silver signet ring

Baroque-style gold signet ring with hand-engraved monogram.

Marine corps silver ring front
Marine corps silver ring left
Marine corps silver ring right

I received an email from a Marine officer about this ring. He was very specific about the logo and all the details. I first made a CAD model and he loved that a lot. A few days later after some small corrections, I cut out a wax model for a silver casting. It came out very clean and accurate. Afterward came the polishing and finishing for the final ring. The customer and his family were very happy and even asked me for one more design ring.
All of my work is very individualized.  No mass production, no cheap copies, no cheesy imitations.

CAD model baroque signet ring
Baroque style gold signet ring hand engraving monogram front
Baroque style gold signet ring hand engraving monogram

It is nothing new about this old fashion style. That’s what I tried to make for my new customer – a new “old” baroque sort of look-style signet ring. The process was the same as any of my projects. CAM design, wax carving, gold casting, finishing, and polishing. It took extra hours to finish casting because of a lot of details. But came out very detailed and clean. The monogram was engraved by hand after the ring was completely done.
I received a big letter from this person, he was very happy. Thank you, Tom.

Mechanical skull ring. CAD model and silver.

Mechanical skull CAD model
Mechanical skull CAD model
Mechanical skull CAD model
Skull industrial silver ring
Skull industrial silver ring
Skull industrial silver ring

This is the first custom-made ring in the “mechanical-industrial” line of jewelry. The whole series is very exclusive and made just for a friend of mine. He is the owner of this collection. I am working on the next ring for now. It’s going to be a lot of new designs in the same style.

"Egyptian" style gold signet ring

Sketch for signet ring
Egyptian signet ring CAD model

Adam's creation silver ring

Adam creation silver ring CAD
Ring Creation of Adam CAD
Egyptian gold 18k signet ring
Egyptian 18k gold signet ring

Stephan brought me his sketches and asked me to build his signet ring. After a few days, I sent him his first 3D model. It was almost exactly what he was thinking about with this design. We worked together and made it in a proper way. Two weeks later the 3D object was ready for a CNC mill to cut out the wax model. Stephan gave me his 18K scrap gold to cast it. The casting came out in perfect condition. After many hours of cleaning, finishing, and polishing the signet ring was done. I was very satisfied with all the processes. Most importantly: Stephan was really happy with it. Proudly made in the USA.

"Wire" ring with sapphire and enamel

CAD model wire ring
Wire ring 14k white gold blue enamel sapphire
Wire ring 14k white gold blue enamel sapphires

The whole idea of this ring was to create something unusual and hard to build. Design this 3D model was not too complicated. It is only a bunch of lines and simple objects that go around. But to make it in a proper way took me quite a while to figure out how. It was a 3D metal printing. The quality is amazing. It also could be done in gold and platinum.

Adam creation sterling silver ring
Adam creation sterling silver signet ring

This is my second ring of the “Adam’s creation” theme. Made by the request from long-time customer John D. He asked me to add some Hebrew words on the sides as this meant something very important to him. The process of making this ring was the same as other ones. On my computer, I made a 3D model and added Hebrew words to it. I cut out a wax model with a CNC mill and had it cast in sterling silver with finishing and polishing after that to complete it.  This project took me about 10 days.

Custom-made  gold signet ring

CAD model ring gold
CAD gold ring model
Gold signet ring monogram
Gold signet ring no monogram
Gold signet ring

"Otters" gold band

Otters sketch. Custom jewelry design
Otters gold band. Custom jewelry design
Otters gold band back. Custom jewelry design

This ring was inspired by the customer’s piece of furniture. She sent me a lot of pictures of it and after inspection, I made a sketch on paper. She was really happy and then I made a 3D model. A CAD model is always needed to improve several times before production. Of course, I followed the customer’s directions and gave her my opinion on it. The model was cut out by one of my CNC mills. I use just plain jewelry wax because it is very good for casting, unlike 3D printers plastic.  The customer sent me her scrap gold to cast it. Came out beautifully and a few days later the ring was completed. It took me probably 6 hours to finish, and polish it. She was really happy and even sent me a payment with tips. Thank you! Made in America.

"Otters" theme white gold band with a sapphire.
This is a custom-made wedding band for one of my client from Australia.

Oleg Mozz  910 16th Street  # 314   Denver CO 80202
by appointment  720 - 838 - 7133

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