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Custom Jewelry 4

Gold band with enamel

Family Crest 14K gold signet ring

Antique gold ring
Till death ring
18K gold ring till death
Wedding band Till Death
Sketch Family Crest
CAD model Family Crest gold ring
Rampant family crest signet ring
Family Crest gold ring

This is a contemporary version of the British, 17th-century “posy” ring. The new replica was done with a 3D designing program.
18K gold and enamel.

Custom-made a family crest 14K gold signet ring. $2500

Western-Style wedding set

Sketch western style
Brand western style
CAD model sketch western style
Gold ring western style
Gold band western style

This is a traditional Western style from my region of this great country. I live in Denver Colorado and the customer was a real cowboy from New Mexico. He drew this sketch for his future wife and he knew exactly what he wants. The whole process took around 5 weeks.
From the customer’s sketch, CAD models, and photos to the gold engagement ring and wedding band. $3200 both + Diamond.

Coat of Arms silver ring

CAD Coat of Arms silver signet ring
Coat of Arms silver signet ring

Rings with a family coat of arms inscribed have been a staple of jewelry design since antiquity. I have updated the concept while remaining faithful to this ancient craft. These pictures are samples of rendering CAD files. There are a couple of distinct features to this design. Notice that the shield, mantling, and helmet are upraised rather than indented. The signet at the top is changeable. Many of my customers choose their family crest, a personalized emblem, a monogram (Maximum of two initials), or perhaps a family cross.  All rings are cast in the precious metal of your choice. Because of current demand please allow 4 weeks for delivery. $1300

Floral motive gold wedding band with enamel

Floral motive gold wedding band with an enamel

I made two identical rings in different enamel colors. White gold with blue enamel and yellow one with black enamel. Send me an e-mail if you wish to make something like that.

Bands with enamel

Five enameled bands
Enameled bands
Five bands with enamel
Thin gold bands with enamel
Enamel bands
Gold bands with enamel

Different styles and colors of these bands. I made them just to show customers what could be done.

Oak leaves and acorns gold rings with blue enamel

Signet ring with royal blue enamel

Oak leaves and acorns gold rings blue enamel
Oak leaves and acorns gold rings blue enamel

Two 18K gold bands with blue enamel.
Oak leaves and acorn style. $3200 for both

Anglo Saxon gold band with red enamel

Anglo Saxon original
Anglo Saxon 18K gold band red enamel
Anglo Saxon gold band

Custom made Anglo-Saxon 14Kgold band. A customer sent me a sketch to reproduce this band.  $1900


Coat of Arms silver signet ring

Sketch silver ring
Family Crest silver signet ring side
Family Crest silver signet ring
CAD model silver signet ring
Silver signet ring Star of David

Silver signet ring with blue royal enamel.
Star of David and two elephants. $1400

Diamond earring with green enamel

CAD model earrings
White gold earrings green enamel diamonds
18K gold earrings green enamel

CAD 3D models and gold earrings with diamonds.

Signet ring with two emeralds

CAD rendering signet ring
Silver ring two emeralds

Custom-made a Coat of Arms silver signet ring. $ 1100

Silver love heart

CAD heart
Silver heart
Silver heart back
Silver signet ring with emeralds
Silver signet ring back

Custom made a silver charm ” The Heart”. CAD model and metal. $1100

Custom-made “Dove” silver signet ring with two emeralds.  $1250

White gold "Phoenix" signet ring

CAD rendering phoenix ring
CAD rendering phoenix ring
White gold phoenix ring
White gold phoenix ring
White gold phoenix ring
White gold phoenix ring

Custom-made white gold "Phoenix" signet ring $1800

Silver and gold badge with red enamel

Silver gold red enamel badge

Custom-made a silver and gold badge with red enamel. $1250

Sterling silver cross with four cherubs

CAD silver cross
Silver cetlic cross

Custom-made a silver cross with four cherubs. $1200

Snakes, more snakes…..

Snake silver band
Snake ring silver

Custom-made white gold band with two snakes. $1200

Silver Celtic cross from CAD to real

Celtic cross silver

Custom-made a silver Celtic cross. $1100

Oleg Mozz  910 16th Street  # 314   Denver CO 80202
by appointment  720 - 838 - 7133

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