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Custom Jewelry 3

Double heads eagle signet ring

CAD model double heads eagle 14K gold signet ring
Double heads eagle 14K gold signet ring

Custom-made 14K gold double heads eagle. Russin imperial crest. $3200

Engagement Celtic ring with a diamond

CAD rendering white gold engagement ring
White gold engagement ring diamond

Custom-made engagement ring with Celtic motifs.

Gold earrings

Gold firebird earrings
Gold firebirds earrings

"Secret Message"14K gold wedding band

CAD model gold ring
14K white gold wedding band

Custom-made 14K white gold wedding band. There are some secret words and ciphers. CAD model and an actual gold ring.

“Mountains” 14K gold bands

CAD rendering mountains rings
14K gold mountains bands

I made these bands for my customers. They just asked for “mountains” rings and nothing special. Cames out very special for this young couple.
18K gold bands, Custom-made jewelry.

Gold panther

CAD model panther
14K gold panther

Custom-made 14K gold panther.
From the 3D model to the final metal necklace.

Two gold signet rings with  enamel

Gold foxes earrings
Gold fox earrings

Custom-made gold “fox” and “firebird” earrings.

14K white gold ring with black enamel and diamond

CAD 3D moder gold ring
White gold diamond ring
Diamond white gold ring

This is a remake of the old ring. Made in CAD at first, then 3D metal prints it, and last on is black enamel. Comes out pretty sharp.

Enamel gold signet ring
Red white enamel gold ring

Two 14K gold signet rings with three colors of enamel

Small gold signet ring

CAD 3D moder rendering ring
Gold signet ring monogram
Gold signet ring

Custom-made gold ring with four snakes and the cameo.
CAD model and 14K gold.

Two sterling silver charms Dragon and Unicorn

Cigar band

CAD model unicorn
Silver unicorns

Sterling silver charms of Dragon and Unicorn

Cigar gold band

” The Tiger ” white gold ring

Two-tone gold custom-made gold charm

CAD model tiger heads ring
Tiger heads white gold ring
CAD model gold charm
Whie yellow gold charms

The Tiger ring is a custom-made piece of jewelry. Done by me for another jeweler as a trade job. 14K white gold and black and blue enamel. And he’ll set diamonds on the top.

Custom-made two double gold charms.
Roses and oak leaves.

Gold signet ring. Coat of Arms

Mountains wedding band

18K gold Coat of Arms signet ring
18K gold Coat of Arms signet ring side
18K gold Coat of Arms signet ring back
White gold band mountains
White gold band mountains
White gold band Mountains

Custom-made 18K gold signet ring. Coat of Arms style. 

Custome made a white gold wedding band with a royal blue enamel. Colorado and Alaska mountains

Double gold wedding band

Breckenridge Colorado mountains ring

CAD model double gold band
Double gold band
Double gold band white yellow
CAD model mountains band
Gold mountains band

Custom-made double gold white and yellow wedding band.

Small wedding rings with blue enamel

CAD wedding bands enamel
Casting wedding bands enamel
Rose gold wedding bands enamel

Two rose gold wedding bands with an enamel.

Platinum mountains Claddagh band

CAD model mountains bands
Platinum mountains band
Platinum mountains band

Custom-made platinum mountains Claddagh band. There are two symbols on this ring. Celtic Claddagh and Colorado mountains.

Custom-made 14K gold wedding band. Breckenridge Colorado mountains.

Gold “Hamsa Hand” necklace

CAD model hamsa
Hamsa white gold
Hamsa rose gold

Custom-made 14K gold hamsa necklace.

Gold armor ring

CAD madel armor ring
CAD madel armor ring
Armor gold ring
Armor gold ring
Armor gold ring

Custom-made 14K gold armor ring.

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by appointment  720 - 838 - 7133

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